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Which tilling to choose for the kitchen

When deciding on the choice of floors for the kitchen, you should be guided not only by your own budget and preferences, but also by the practicality of the material Repair is always expensive, time consuming and very stressful. Often, future new settlers have completely different desires regarding the future interior. However, in some issues related to transforming an apartment or a house, tilling  you should first of all rely not so much on your own preferences and desires, but on the practicality of materials that should serve you for many years.
When deciding on the choice of floors for the kitchen, you should be guided not only by your own budget and preferences

This is especially true for the choice of flooring in the kitchen. It is no coincidence that designers consider this room to be the main one in the house, its center. After all, the whole family gathers there, they meet guests, spend the most joyful and sincere evenings.

That is why the first requirement for a kitchen floor is high durability. After all, in the kitchen something regularly falls, splashes, spills ... Hence the choice of materials tilling that are recommended to be selected during the renovation process.Experienced designers are advised to take a close look at one of the three most affordable and suitable options.

Linoleum. It is good because it is not afraid of water and accidental spills of both ordinary water and soup from a children's plate. In addition, linoleum has good heat and sound insulation. The stores offer a wide selection of colors and options for linoleum - in terms of wear resistance classes and coating thickness. Laying it in the room is not difficult. Even a teenager can cope with this task.
When deciding on the choice of floors for the kitchen, you should be guided not only by your own budget and preferences

Ceramic tile. With such a floor, the landlords simply won't have a chance to worry that something will happen to their floor. Floor tilling are very durable and do not lose their appearance and integrity even if a heavy metal pan is dropped on it. In addition, it is easy to clean if something goes wrong during the cooking process and the floor gets pretty dirty. The only drawback of the tile is that it is cold. Warm floors can solve the problem.

Laminate. Such a floor is beautiful, even and durable. He has only one significant drawback - he is afraid of excess moisture. You can lay a textile mat in the work area, in this case, if something spills, the moisture will quickly be absorbed and will not harm the coating.


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