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The weather does not forgive the natural stone pavements. There are scratches, breakage and damage from dirt, millions of steps and pulling furniture. In some places there are also problems with the unevenness of the pavement due to non-compliance with the technology of its installation.

Most Floor Sanding are porous and absorb dirt over time - stains and matting form in the marble or mosaic that simply cannot be removed by conventional methods - the most effective and efficient way is to sand them to make them look great.We can help you with that. In our 5 years of experience in grinding marble, Vratsa stone, trevertine, mosaic or other natural stone, we can return your stone to its original form.

The weather does not forgive the natural stone pavements.  There are scratches, breakage and damage from dirt, millions of steps and pulling.


Diamond grinding is a series of several steps:

  • Milling (leveling) the flooring - this removes both uneven floors and scratches, dirt and other unwanted defects, such as marks on marble or mosaic from prolonged rubbing in the same place, such as an opening door.
  • Grouting of the flooring - with grouting all cracks, holes or missing joints are filled. The aim is to obtain a perfectly flat and uniform floor, ready for fine machine grinding with diamond discs.
  • Fine grinding (polishing) - Fine grinding is performed using a single-disc machine and diamond grinding wheels. The discs remove from the top layer of the surface, Floor Sanding while at the same time giving smoothness. Unlike milling, fine grinding aims to prepare the stone for the final stage of the procedure.
  • Sealing (impregnation) of natural stone - with glossy or matte effect of choice. Special detergents penetrating deep into the pores and micro scratches of the pavement are used. This provides long-term protection from environmental influences. Prevents the ingress of dirt, moisture and the formation of dark spots on the stone. 
    The weather does not forgive the natural stone pavements.  There are scratches, breakage and damage from dirt, millions of steps and pulling.


  • Sanding marble - Whether old or new, successful sanding of marble can give it a natural mirror look. Whether in a small narrow corridor or in a hotel, sanding marble is not a problem for us.
  • Grinding of Vratsa Stone - Over time, Vratsa stone darkens, loses its luster or mattes, we can restore it to its original form. It can be in the hallway, on the ledges or in the garden, We will give a perfect look to your stone.
  • Mosaic sanding - Roman, Venetian and others. We have all seen the old mosaics on entrances, stairs, schools, corridors or terraces. By sanding the mosaic, we will return it to its original form. Polished mosaics look much better than before.
  • Grinding Trevertine - A relatively new type of stone that can easily be damaged if you do not take care of it. With diamond grinding, we can make it look better than new.
  • Granite sanding - Probably the strongest Floor Sanding and the most difficult to handle. Granite sanding is not for everyone, but we know how to do it perfectly.


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