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5 Tips for franchising your motorbike spares store

Anyone who has a motorcycle parts store wants to see their business expand and reach higher levels. Seeing your company offer even more specialized services, increasing the technical team, growing links with suppliers and creating partnerships are some of the goals that every motorcycle parts store manager wants his establishment to have. But just like a cake recipe that needs to be followed to have an expected result, setting up a motorbike spares franchise also needs some steps to be followed.

First of all, opening a motorcycle parts franchise is different from opening another store. You are decentralizing your tasks and passing on to other positions that are under your command. However, for this to occur, some actions need to be taken. After all, if you have analyzed the real situation of your company to the point of leveraging it, then making it a motorcycle parts franchise can be considered a major advance.

# 1 Make the appropriation of the brand

Any brand must register its property if the business owner wants to expand it. This registration is made at INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property and requires some attentions that you need to be aware of in following them. Be aware that it is not a very fast process and you can request some more specific steps. However, it is this property that will give you the right to franchise your motorbike spares store and give authenticity in making market decisions.

# 2 Study the motorcycle parts market

The fact that you notice that the motorcycle parts market is growing is no guarantee that your company will also follow this pattern. Be smart and analyze all the situations in which the market is. From contact with the consumer, consumption patterns, economic growth, new parts on the market, motorcycles entering and leaving the production line, new specializations for technical teams, modernization of the store management structure, types of investment, list of Providers. These are the details that need to be on your mind at all times for every decision to be positive.

# 3 Organize the house to enlarge it

If you already have the decision to set up a motorbike spares franchise in mind, then know that this requires planning and organization. And these questions are worked on inside the house. Do not think that the act of franchising the business will organize things naturally. You need to move!

How is your organizational structure? How is your sales, technical repairs, purchasing team formed? What is the standard for accounting, administrative, communication and marketing processes? Does your company use a digital program for business management? Do you have the habit of using technologies to help your business progress?

It is details like these that govern the proper organization before setting up a motorcycle parts franchise . If you don't already have some of these assignments, don't hesitate to continue. But make this transformation to better feel the positive impacts in the future with the franchise already set up.

# 4 Seek training

Establishing a motorcycle parts franchise requires knowledge, a lot! Remember, you are working with an expanding market and franchises have an even more specific pace of growth. Entrepreneurship, although attractive, is a very broad strategy and requires professionalism to match.

So, take courses, participate in lectures, check seminars and training that will help you address the tips and suggestions within your company. Talk to someone who already owns a franchise, not necessarily with a motorcycle and see what pros and cons may arise.

# 5 Structure your business plan

Your company will become a franchise and things will now change to a greater extent. Therefore, your business plan also needs to be planned according to her real situation. Entering the world of franchising can leave you lost and it is precisely the business plan that will help you find yourself and chart the path to success. But beware, the destination is not always just profit, but investment expansion, greater participation of suppliers, financial improvements, improvement in human resources, among other issues.

Franchising a motorbike spares store is not a very simple task. It requires effort and concentration. By following these tips, you will have a better glimpse of how to adapt your company to this reality and face positive and grand growth. It's getting in the way and going to the end. Good luck!


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