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 As urbanization progresses, the demand for alternative drives in cities and metropolitan areas is increasing. Even where there is construction, lifting, maintenance and renovation, the time windows are getting smaller and the legal requirements stricter. It is not just about minimizing emissions. Noise reduction also plays a role wherever people live together in confined spaces or where work has to be carried out inside buildings.
As urbanization progresses, the demand for alternative drives in cities and metropolitan areas is increasing

As a driver of innovation, Electrical solution has long been concerned with the topic of sustainability, especially the environment, and is increasingly also offering “lifting solutions” that can be operated electrically or hybrid. Our customers can already operate loading cranes and aerial work platforms in the electric option, with plug-in electric operation or in the battery variant, thus reducing CO 2 emissions as well as noise and odor nuisance to a minimum.

Electrical solution goes one step further here, too. Because for us, sustainability does not only have an ecological component. Issues such as safety in product use, energy consumption in operation and maintenance tailored to the application also play an important role when it comes to increasing the life cycle of the products.
As urbanization progresses, the demand for alternative drives in cities and metropolitan areas is increasing


This was available at bauma 2019 in the form of the first  Electrical solution access platform P 370 KS E and the concept crane PK 18502 SH . The particularly quiet, efficient and emission-free working platform of the premium class has been optimized for night and indoor use. At its heart is an intelligent energy management system that guarantees seamless interaction between the electric motors and hydraulic pumps with the integrated battery charging system.

Flexibility is the trademark of the PK 18502 SH, which was on display as a prototype at bauma 2019. It can be operated with a plug-in electric drive, but also completely autonomously with a battery pack, which in turn can be fed either directly from the mains or from a generator. With this charging option, the battery can also be charged while driving or with the truck engine running, which ensures all-day crane operation.


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