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Intelligent power management in Home automation

Electricity supply is an integral subsystem of the house, providing uninterrupted use of all the benefits of civilization that exist today. All the variety and functionality of the electronic equipment of our homes loses all meaning without the necessary and sufficient power supply.

The Smart Home automation system allows you to solve three primary issues of power supply:

- Lack of dedicated capacity.

- Continuity of power supply.

- The quality of the supplied electricity.

Autonomous power supply systems are responsible for uninterrupted power supply, these are gasoline and diesel generators, uninterruptible power supplies.Voltage stabilizers are responsible for the quality of the voltage in the electrical network.To solve the problem of insufficient allocated power, a load control system and priority power supply are used.

The integration of equipment that provides power supply will allow you to forget about network overloads, power surges and total power outages. In the event of a short-term power outage, the smart power supply system smooths out voltage dips and surges. With a longer power outage, an automatic transition to autonomous power supply and sequential disconnection of non-priority groups of power consumers occurs.

The intelligent system will surely leave important groups of vital electrical equipment energized, and after normalization of the voltage in the electrical network, a sequential connection of all disconnected devices will automatically occur. Such a priority power supply system makes it possible to rationally organize the allocated power supply capacity without purchasing additional kilowatts of power capacity. Convenient lighting control is a very important part of a comfortable stay at home. The importance of good lighting is undeniable and affects both the physical health of people and their emotional mood. Today in every house there are lamps of various types, for various purposes, but each of them has to be switched on / off separately and the intensity of illumination of each lamp must be adjusted depending on the circumstances.

In the Smart Home automation system, these tasks are solved easier and more efficiently. All your lighting fixtures are combined into light groups, the control of which is displayed on a common multi-button or touch panel with signed light groups, and not scattered around the house on different switches in different places.

In addition to the fact that you can turn on and adjust the brightness with one click of a button on the common panel, you can create a whole list of "light scenes" for different rooms and activate them if necessary:

- Enable all.

- A meeting.

- Dinner.

- I'm working.

- Recreation.

- Turn off everything.

The system will also take care of turning on street and landscape lighting. Lighting control also includes automatic control of curtains and blinds in your Home automation.It is very convenient to use motion sensors in the lighting subsystem, it is most appropriate in the passage areas of corridors and stairs. As soon as a person's movement is detected in the set zone, the “smart light” will turn on automatically. You don't have to grope for a switch in the dark, and it will turn off after a person leaves. If there is natural light in the passage areas, for example, windows, then the "tracking light" will only function at dusk, so as not to waste energy.


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