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The Art of Reading Wine Labels

Your mission is to buy a bottle of Chardonnay, say. Confident, go to the store - "everything is under control", you tell yourself. That is, until I reach the wine district and you see yourself surrounded by dozens of wine labels , one more colorful than the other. You can find Romanian wines that say Chardonnay, but you would like a French one. But the French one doesn't have any grapes ?! Well, here comes the art of reading wine labels In general, there will be three types of labels: those depending on the region of origin, those depending on the variety of grapes and those with unique names, without a precise geographical name. Let's look at each one: 1. Labels based on the region of origin These are specific to the old world - France, Spain, Italy. In these cases, you will often not find the grape variety displayed on the label, but only the region it comes from. For example, if we were to return to our imaginary mission at the beginning of the article, the Chablis