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WordPress powers an astonishing 34% of all websites worldwide (source). There are a lot of reasons for WordPress’s incredible popularity, and one of the biggest reasons is the community of users that it has developed.

The WordPress community is far more than simply people who use WordPress as a content management system. Thanks to the community, countless themes and plugins are available, not to mention many services that have web design been created specifically for WordPress users.

All of the resources that have been created by members of the WordPress community make it and even more flexible and powerful platform that can be extended to create just about any type of website.

In recent years, one of the most significant developments within the WordPress community has been the improvement of page builders that allows users to customize the look and layout of their site without the need to touch any code. For end users, these web design page builders make it possible to create custom layouts without the need to hire a designer. And many designers choose to use page builders for speed and convenience.

There are a growing number of page builder themes and plugins available for WordPress, and choosing the right one can be a little confusing. This page web design will cover the details of the 9 best page builders (in my opinion). If you’re looking for a way to save time and create custom websites and blogs, hopefully the information here will help you to decide which is best for you.

an incredibly popular theme from Elegant Themes that features a drag-and-drop builder. In addition to being a standalone theme, the Divi Builder can also be used as a plugin, which gives you the ability to easily customize page and post layouts, regardless of what theme you are using.

Divi replaces the WordPress post editor with a completely new visual builder that allows you to design pages on the front end, right in the browser. It’s perfect for business websites, portfolio websites, blogs, personal websites web design , and just about any other type of site.You can control your site’s look with global options that will set the colors and other features of the entire website, and you can also create page layouts and designs individually.

There are more than 40 different elements or modules that are available in Divi, like sliders, galleries, forms, testimonials and much more. You have full control over the design and style of each element, and you can easily arrange items with the drag-and-drop builder.

Divi currently includes more than 800 pre-made designs and more than 100 full website packs, giving you incredible versatility. And of course, you can customize any of these web design or simply start from scratch.In addition to the features and functionality of Divi, there are a few other things that make it extremely attractive:

The standard license allows you to use Divi on multiple websites, including client websites.The pricing includes access to all of the themes and plugins created by Elegant Themes.The lifetime pricing options is one of the best values you’ll find anywhere.

The themes and plugins from Elegant Themes cannot be purchased individually. The only way to get access to them is through an Elegant Themes membership (they offer 2 themes and 2 plugins). The good news is, the membership is available at an amazing price. You can get a membership for $89 per year, or pay $249 for lifetime access.

Both the annual membership and the lifetime membership are tremendous values, especially considering the fact that you can use the themes and plugins on an unlimited number of sites.I’ve been using Divi, as well as the Extra theme from Elegant Themes, for years and I consider the lifetime membership that I purchased to be one of the best investments I’ve made for my business.the most popular drag-and-drop WordPress plugins, and it has been used to build an impressive 1 million websites.

Like Divi, Beaver Builder is sort of a combination theme and web design. It can be used as a plugin with any WordPress theme, but it also includes a framework theme if you don’t have a separate theme that you’re using.

Beaver Builder is loved by end-users who want to be able to easily adapt their existing website without any coding and without hiring a web design. It is also loved by designers and developers who use the framework theme and Beaver Builder to quickly create custom websites for their clients.

Although you can easily create custom pages from scratch, Beaver Builder includes dozens of pre-made templates that you can use as starting points if you prefer. You can easily replace the filler text and images and tweak the design as needed.

Beaver Builder features a front-end drag-and-drop builder that makes the process easy and fast.

One of the nice features of Beaver Builder is that if you ever decide to stop using it, your content will get ported back to the standard WordPress editor, so you won’t lose the content that you’ve created.

Beaver Builder gives you three different pricing options. The standard license ($99 per year) includes just the plugin and not the framework theme, but it does allow for use on unlimited sites. The pro license ($199 per year) includes use of both the plugin and framework web design on an unlimited number of sites. The agency license ($399 per year) includes a white labeling feature for designers. With this feature, you can change all instances of “page builder” and “Beaver Builder” in the WordPress dashboard of your clients so it appears to be your own custom product.

The main reason I prefer Divi over Beaver Builder is because of the pricing, especially with the lifetime option.


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