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Sports physiotherapy to improve your performance


Physiotherapy and sport have always gone hand in hand. Although a sedentary life and poor posture do not help, this type of discipline, very regularly, is aimed at recovering and preventing injuries caused during the practice of some physical exercise. We can say that sports physiotherapy is a complement to our usual training to achieve the goals that we set ourselves as athletes. The techniques used will be the same whether in elite athletes or amateurs, and their main objective is to shorten the recovery time after injury.

sports physiotherapy

What is sports physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy focuses on the prevention of injuries caused during physical activity, as well as on healing and regenerating damaged areas in the locomotor system of athletes. It is much more than applying the anti-pull spray that we see during football matches since it is about knowing when to act and how to alleviate the injury not only after it occurs but also to prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

There are also a large number of physiotherapists specialized in elite athletes in the field and in the clinic, transcend health being one of the last.

According to the basic definition of physiotherapy, we are talking about medical practices aimed at curing and preventing injuries to the motor apparatus, especially in the field of grassroots, amateur, health, high-performance or elite sports. Preventive work consists of evaluating, improving and working on muscular conditions, especially the most problematic ones, avoiding future bad gestures and correcting loads. In case of injury, we take care of planning the training sessions and preparing stretching exercises with guidelines according to the physical condition of the patient so that they recover in the shortest possible time and in full functionality.

What kind of people is sports physiotherapy focused on?

Sports physiotherapy is aimed at all those people who practice a sport on a regular basis, whether as an amateur, high performance or elite.

Be a recognized sports physiotherapist

At Transcend health we are collaborating with the best physiotherapy, in order to be part of the student training process. Being a physiotherapist is vocational and if you are considering starting your career, from Transcend health we encourage you to take the step.

Benefits of sports physiotherapy

First of all, we must distinguish between preventive sports physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy after an injury.

In the first case, these are the techniques that help the athlete to improve their muscular capacity, improve posture, and avoid bad work habits to avoid bad movements or, once they occur, have your body prepared to act before such eventuality. This type of preventive sports physiotherapy also helps to improve the elasticity of the muscles, which will lead to an increase in sports performance.

In the event of an injury during training or physical activity, we offer muscle reconduction treatments, regeneration of the damaged area, as well as behavioral guidelines to facilitate a faster recovery. We also work with stretching, strengthening and electrical and heat machinery to relieve pain and improve movement capacity.

Treatments and techniques of physiotherapy applied to sport

There are manual treatments and specialized machinery that, supervised by our professionals, will help you recover from your injury in the shortest possible time.

Sports physiotherapy treatments

Prevention treatments include close monitoring of the patient's sports activity as well as the state of his muscles. Treatment varies if it is practiced before or after physical activity, although both therapies are necessary to optimize the athlete's muscular state.

In case of injury, rehabilitation work is required for athletes that includes a multidisciplinary follow-up in which not only physiotherapists are included but also in most cases a traumatologist, a nutritionist, physical trainers, and psychologists are needed, among others.

Main techniques of sports rehabilitation

If you have come this far you will know that physiotherapy not only focuses on manual work but there are also machines at our disposal to accelerate the muscle recovery process.

The most common machines used in sports physiotherapy

Biomechanics is a science that diagnoses the different pathologies of the motor apparatus and combines biological knowledge with physiotherapeutic treatments, the combination of which makes possible a unique and compatible improvement with the athlete and their physiognomy.

Are you looking for a sports physiotherapy clinic in Australia?

If you are looking for a physiotherapy clinic in Australia, look no further. At Transcend health we have the best professionals and specialists in sports and exercise physiotherapy.

Transcend health. Clinic specialized in elite athletes

Resume your routine thanks to our sports exercises and make an appointment at our clinic to access the best sports physiotherapy with a first-rate professional medical team.


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